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Category: Client Services

Strategic Workforce Management

ShiftWise can answer strategic questions about your contingent workforce management program to lower costs, improve quality and increase efficiency. Here is a sample of the kind of questions you can ask and get answers to with ShiftWise. What questions do you have about your contingent workforce management? Let us know! (Click the image to enlarge) Request a short and quick,…

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ShiftWise on the frontline

ShiftWise is a technology in the people business, intent on delivering exceptional customer service while working side by side with clients and suppliers, helping them meet their short and long term objectives. (Click the image to enlarge) Request a short and quick, 15 minute demo to see how your healthcare facility can improve its staffing process.

Go the extra mile for customer service

Have you ever had the unfortunate opportunity to get that phone call? The one where your customer lets you know that they have chosen an “alternate” way of doing business and it no longer includes you? If you have, then your initial thoughts may have been “What more could I have done?” and “Could I have done anything differently to…

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In providing exceptional customer service, it’s about the people

In managing customer service departments for over 15 years, I have seen every technological gadget and heard every consultant’s pitch regarding the subject of how to provide exceptional customer service. Each one of these companies enters the discussion with promises and stories of gigantic gains which rarely materialize. Through experience, I have found that the largest gains in a company’s…

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Get the latest from ShiftWise

In the world of healthcare, not everything is written in stone. Learn how to properly manage invoices, overtime, time slip approval, and more with ShiftWise’s helpful Tips & Tricks. 

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