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Flying Blind on Contingent Labor? Here’s How You Get 20/20 Vision:

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Healthcare executives are finding that the flexibility of contingent staffing is an advantage in budget planning in uncertain times. It also helps simplify healthcare management in an era when leaders find themselves overburdened with the complexities associated with properly and adequately staffing their businesses.

The commonly-held belief that contingent staffing is more expensive than core staffing, no longer appears to hold much weight. Many of the “hidden” costs of core staffing — employer portion of payroll taxes and benefits, other HR functions, orientation and education hours, leaves of absence, and a variety of causes of nonproductive time — are covered by contingent staffing companies. Because contingent healthcare professionals show up to job assignments, immediately ready to work, healthcare organizations are able to save time and money when preparing staff for clinical duties.

The advantages of contingent labor include:

  • Flexibility in type ,and amount of labor resources can fill staffing gaps
  • Saving costs in benefits and taxes
  • Immediate access to expertise that is not present internally
  • Savings in long-term compensation costs

These pros, however, are accompanied by some cons. These include:

  • Employee loyalty to an employer or company is often less reliable, resulting in a high turnover rate
  • Contingent labor disturbs the organization’s culture
  • Training costs
  • The worker carries the full risk and there are limited benefits
  • Because a contingent worker’s tenure at an organization is typically short, he or she does not have adequate time to create meaningful relationships, and as a result, cannot facilitate the transfer of knowledge

ShiftWise rises to meet the challenges associated with contingent labor by using different tools to address these concerns, such as employee matching and feedback. Becoming familiar with the growing use of contingent labor is important; it is also helpful to know all of the benefits offered in our modern world so you can leverage technological advancements to breed healthy and happy patients, as well as a successful and sustainable businesses.


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