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How to Hire a Rock Star Candidate

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Attrition has been documented as one of the highest expenses that companies incur when it comes to hiring. When hiring into your team or organization, the end goal is to avoid attrition, lost time in training and to qualify the candidate as a suitable fit with existing colleagues.

Some key practices to keep in mind are:

REFERRALS: candidates recommended by a current or past colleague are typically a good place to start, especially when the person has a proven track record of performance

BEHAVIORAL BASED INTERVIEWS: asking open ended questions that focus on how the candidate manages stress, prioritization of workload and interaction with customers and colleagues is prudent — you want to understand the HOW and the WHY of the candidate’s skills to make decisions that represent your organization well

REFERENCES: while challenging to gain detailed information from Human Resource departments, it’s best to contact prior managers that directly led the candidate in prior employment

TEAM APPROACH: include colleagues from other departments that the resource would interact with on a regular basis — having a diverse panel share their insight based on 1:1 interview helps you to validate your opinion, positive or negative on their ability to be a competent for not only the easier tasks, but challenging ones as well

WORK CULTURE: in order to maintain a thriving environment, be sure share your company’s culture, vision and expectations — encourage them to ask questions to ensure that your organization is a fit for the candidate long term

Hiring Processes should be planned and strategic to be effective. Remember that time invested on your side as a hiring manager, will produce the necessary outcomes to acquire and retain strong talent. So roll up your sleeves and be engaged in the process.

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