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Is Old Hospital Technology Limiting Staffing at Your Facility?

Healthcare worker on tablet. Hospital technology is advancing at blazing speed.Healthcare reform. Retiring baby boomers. Staffing shortages. Outdated hospital technology. These are some of the many challenges facing hospitals and health systems today. When put together, these challenges are especially daunting to those who need to quickly adapt to change.

Hiring and staffing are among the most critical issues facing healthcare facilities that must prepare for change. While the trend to implement innovative solutions is on the rise, many healthcare facilities still lack state-of-the-art technology that can help streamline staffing practices.

Hospitals and health systems are struggling to keep up with staffing expenditures for nurses, locums tenens, and other clinical and non-clinical staff. Despite the fact that healthcare facilities need to improve their hiring processes, many cannot because of outdated hospital technology.

Today, with more robust hospital technology options available, many healthcare organizations are making the shift to a vendor management system (VMS). A vendor management system, also called a VMS, is a SaaS platform that healthcare organizations use to manage the many, complex aspects of contingent staffing. With a centralized process managed through a VMS, hospitals, health systems, clinics and other healthcare organizations can realize a host of benefits:

  • Efficiency and insights. A quality vendor management system that specializes in healthcare should offer a user experience that’s customizable to increase access to the best quality candidates. Be sure to look for real-time candidate matching, credentialing, expiration management, candidate history/grading, interactive screening, and candidate scoring and ranking.
  • Bigger reach. A quality VMS will offer expanded access to a large pool of candidates beyond those who have submitted an application on your website or through a recruitment site. You work with your own, trusted and approved vendors to get access to more candidates at the budget you need to work with.
  • More flexibility. Embracing advanced staffing technology increases your flexibility to find the ideal candidate. You’ll gain new visibility into the clinical staff you can hire to help you meet your goals for quality patient care.
  • Fewer obstacles. One of the biggest issues with traditional recruitment methods is the application process. Outdated recruitment processes require applicants to fill out endless forms, which can deter quality talent before they even have a chance to talk to you. Choosing a quality vendor management system removes hurdles so you are talking to candidates faster.

As more advancements come to market, organizations are positioned to leverage these tools to create efficiencies that save on the bottom line. The ShiftWise Vendor Management System (VMS) was created to support evolving hospital technology needs, especially when it comes to vendor management and workforce selection. To find the quality talent your facility needs, contact ShiftWise today for a free demonstration of the most cutting-edge VMS in the market today.

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