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Author: Ashley Shook

Is Old Hospital Technology Limiting Staffing at Your Facility?

Healthcare reform. Retiring baby boomers. Staffing shortages. Outdated hospital technology. These are some of the many challenges facing hospitals and health systems today. When put together, these challenges are especially daunting to those who need to quickly adapt to change. Hiring and staffing are among the most critical issues facing healthcare facilities that must prepare for change. While the trend…

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The Six Traits of an Ideal Account Manager

One of the most important decisions that companies make is who they hire as manager. Yet 82 percent of the time companies get it wrong — they fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job. The businesses that get it right, however — the ones that hire managers based on talent — are more likely to…

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Ways to Remain Vendor Neutral in a Tight Labor Market

Vendors play a huge role in the success of staffing in healthcare. It is important to strategically align the client by carefully vetting healthy vendors who can staff successfully in the specialties the client needs. Fostering a positive relationship with the vendor will help increase response time, communication and trust which are key for success for both the vendor and…

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Who’s afraid of the big bad Joint Commission? Not your VMS!

It can be a busy day when the Joint commission is onsite at a health facility. Collecting paper work, calling agency partners, looking through filing cabinets etc in order to be prepared for the evaluations of the accrediting body in healthcare. While these are true steps to making sure your agency staff is compliant before evaluation or audits, utilizing your…

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10 reasons a candidate is declined from an order

Sometimes it can be unclear why your submitted staff was not selected for the order. Here’s a checklist that may help you understand why they were declined. 1. The resume is missing contact information such as a phone number. Managers are ready to call candidates when they open their resumes and if a contact number is not provided on the…

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