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5 Powerful Ways a VMS Helps Hospital Efficiency

Female healthcare professional uses a laptop. Hospital Efficiency is crucial.Health systems of all sizes are continuing in their quest for newer and better practices that drive hospital efficiency. Consider, for a minute, the single-largest cost center for the hospital — staffing. This is a critical consideration for efficiency, however many organizations have not yet found the proverbial magic bullet solution.

One of the key considerations for staffing is the hospital philosophy for how it will be done. Will you do it yourself or will you outsource it? Doing it yourself makes sense for larger systems but without a vendor management system (VMS) it can rapidly become overwhelming.

Vendor management systems are quickly becoming a mainstay of the healthcare industry. Not only do they help gain efficiencies in contingent workforce selection, but also provide insight into utilization of staffing vendors.

There are many reasons vendor management systems are booming among hospitals, clinics, and other care centers. Take a look at these top five ways a VMS can help hospital efficiency and get you on track for streamlined staffing:

  1. Increased visibility. Improving your staffing operations depends largely on visibility. Do you know how much money you’re really utilizing and spending on contingent labor? How about when your doctors’ credentials expire? A VMS can improve transparency across your organization with customized, real-time reports, including notifications for expiring credentials.


  1. More time. If you manage a healthcare facility, there’s probably one thing you wish you had more of — time. HR staff need more time to process payroll, recruiters need more time to find quality talent, and leaders need more time to strategize on the months and years to come. A VMS streamlines manual processes in recruiting, onboarding and managing contingent staff so you can focus on the critical tasks ahead.


  1. Efficient pricing. Do you know how much you’re spending on staffing in your healthcare facility? Quality vendor management systems are designed to not only track and manage the workflows related to the staffing process, but also provide reporting that offers key insight and data into current practices, helping you make more informed decisions.


  1. Vendor neutrality. A vendor neutral VMS is particularly favorable to large hospitals and health systems seeking to contain costs. Getting the most qualified talent at the best rate requires working with multiple vendors. With a vendor-neutral VMS, suppliers operate on a level playing field, bringing you their best candidates at competitive rates.


  1. Fewer open shifts. Shortages in qualified clinicians is a universal challenge. Many face difficulty finding quality talent to meet the demands of their facility. Leveraging a VMS helps streamline the recruitment process getting you faster access to qualified candidates needed to meet the demand.

If you’re still searching for a way to improve hospital efficiency at your facility, take a look at the many benefits that only a VMS can offer. ShiftWise is the first VMS offering in the market designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Utilized around the globe, the ShiftWise VMS can help you efficiently and insightfully manage staffing vendors and expedite contingent workforce selection.

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