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Author: Marketing

Core scheduling and VMS. Why you need both.

Healthcare facilities have largely been adopting some form of core scheduling for quite some time now. A scheduling application makes it easier to manage the complexity of scheduling staff throughout an entire healthcare delivery organization. It’s pretty safe to say that in 2011, if you haven’t implemented some form of automation to schedule core staff, you’re a bit behind the…

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High Quality Hospitals have High Quality Staffing Practices

In the past two years, ‘meaningful use’, ‘health data exchanges’, ‘accountable care organizations’ and other buzzwords of healthcare reform have put a bright light on the potential of information technology to improve the delivery and coordination of care. However, I am continually surprised at how little focus hospitals put on applying these same technology benefits toward improving their staffing of…

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With an evolving workforce, an automated internal resource pool is an advantage to healthcare systems

An undeniable fact of the new millennium is that the workforce is evolving and with that change has come the flexible worker. This is especially true in the emerging workforce of “Millennials” (those born after 1981). A recent survey showed that a whopping 83%  of these younger workers state that working independently or freelancing is a cornerstone of their career strategy. And this is being…

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5 ways to make your implementation a success

Each new implementation of technology infrastructure has its own unique challenges, but there are still common things that help make any technology implementation go smoothly. Here are five thoughts to consider in making the next implementation within your health system go off without a hitch. Assign the right team. It is imperative that the correct person or small team of…

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In providing exceptional customer service, it’s about the people

In managing customer service departments for over 15 years, I have seen every technological gadget and heard every consultant’s pitch regarding the subject of how to provide exceptional customer service. Each one of these companies enters the discussion with promises and stories of gigantic gains which rarely materialize. Through experience, I have found that the largest gains in a company’s…

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