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Let’s Work Smarter, Not Harder

Cut costs, cut costs, cut costs.  This is the mantra being sung all across corporate America and especially in healthcare due to the reduction of Medicaid payments.  Labor typically represents about 65% of healthcare organizations costs.  In corporate America, it is “do more with less,” but that doesn’t work in hospitals.  A low nurse staffing level tends to lead to…

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Temp agency invoicing: Possibly the biggest waste of time in healthcare

Whether they admit it or not, most healthcare organizations use temporary labor from time to time.  When doing so, a typical healthcare organization reaches out to a preferred group of vendors and thus begins a process which starts with communicating the need and culminates with a check being cut by the healthcare provider sometime after the temp actually shows up…

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Embracing the cloud for healthcare technology solutions

The cloud. Heard of it lately? Thought so. Tech buzz words such as cloud and social are reaching all industries and healthcare is no exception. But how does the cloud apply to hospitals, nursing homes, home health and other segments of healthcare? Many leaders in the industry are actively trying to figure this out. Defining the cloud For the uninitiated,…

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