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Category: Labor Quality

Case Study – HASC Member

A HASC member wanted a way to efficiently improve the quality of their contingent workforce. Manually sorting through resumes and job applications was a daunting task. View a PDF of the Case Study

How to Hire a Rock Star Candidate

Attrition has been documented as one of the highest expenses that companies incur when it comes to hiring. When hiring into your team or organization, the end goal is to avoid attrition, lost time in training and to qualify the candidate as a suitable fit with existing colleagues. Some key practices to keep in mind are: REFERRALS: candidates recommended by…

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5 Tools to Hire the Highest Qualified Candidate

The overarching goal of all health care systems is to achieve the highest level of patient care, and a very important contributing factor to that is successfully hiring the most highly qualified candidates. Manually sorting through resumes and job applications can be a daunting task. A VMS provides several tools to automate this process, providing clear direction on who the…

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Temporary Staffing. Why are more people not doing this?

Temporary Staffing. It is costly and a headache of organizations nationally. But sometimes it is a necessity. The administrative processes alone are often inefficient and keep staffing managers up at night. So if you are using temporary staff, why are you not making it easier on yourself? Filling your open shifts with temporary staff doesn’t have to be a struggle….

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Create and book only the best

Patient reviews impact every facility and selecting the highest qualified candidate to your order is crucial now more than ever.

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