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Category: Labor Quality

How Data Insights Can Help You Improve Contingent Labor Quality

Labor quality is of utmost importance when it comes to healthcare. However, labor quality and labor quantity can be negatively correlated, so it is wise to use data to define the difference between the two. What is labor quality? The definition is multi-faceted. Labor quality cannot be defined by just a couple of parameters like attitude and performance. It measures…

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5 Ways to Boost the Quality of Your Contingent Labor with a VMS

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you’re probably familiar with vendor management systems. With a VMS, health companies are able to take control over their entire workforce by ensuring employee compliance, mitigating risks, and controlling costs. But you may not know that VMS technology can improve the quality of your entire workforce — not just contingent workers. Here are five…

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Find, Manage, and Keep Quality Allied Professionals with a VMS

Nurses are essential to healthcare facilities, whether it’s taking vitals or administering life-saving vaccines. You name it — they do it all. That’s why it’s so important to have reliable contingent workers to ensure quality when primary staff is already swamped. Vendor management systems help you keep the standards of nursing in your healthcare facility, but what about allied health…

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Increase the effectiveness of how you use your VMS for temporary staffing

Respond to submittals within 24-48 hours: Follow up and responding to a candidate submittal is critical to ensuring you are getting the best talent for you organization. Good, qualified candidates won’t last long on the market. When a submittal is received, it is good practice to make an attempt to review the candidates resume and either decline or schedule an…

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