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Category: Labor Quality

Interviewing Techniques for Selecting the Perfect Employee

Hiring the perfect employee is not easy. Even the best attempts to screen applicants with testing, background checks, reference checks or interviews will often end in disappointment. The best screeners, those that have spent their entire careers honing their skills, will rarely do better than 60% good hires. So, how do you stack the odds in your favor when screening…

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Sure, more nurses equals better care… but what about the costs?

It’s not exactly earth-shattering that when a health facility adds more staff to care for a patient, the quality of that care goes up. There are a number of studies that make this very claim. One such report was released in late 2013 claiming that readmission rates shrink when more nurses are added. It’s compelling data, especially when you consider…

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4 tips to get better quality out of your contingent workforce staff

In today’s business environment, efficiency is prudent to create successful results. Many of us are all trying to accomplish more by working smarter, rather than harder. If you work at an organization that utilizes contingent labor as a resource for supplemental staff, be sure to research whom you partner with, and identify efficient ways to track their quality of performance….

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Is your technology handcuffing your MSP?

You’re an experienced staffing professional, right?  You’ve progressed to the step of selling a popular and impactful healthcare staffing solution, the vaunted MSP. You step into the presentation, confident in your organization’s experienced and proven core competencies… you know, providing qualified staff, exceeding fill ratio, onsite management, compliance, experience, reputation and — technology? Wait — how confident are you in…

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4 ways to improve recruitment and retention

A recent article at HealthLeaders Media argues that while employee confidence in current employers remains high, healthcare workers are increasingly aware of their value and are more willing to look around. The article cites a Randstad quarterly healthcare employment trends report, stating that “30% of healthcare workers in Q2 intend to search for new jobs this year.” Even without a workforce full of…

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