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Category: Suppliers

Supplier Spotlight: RehabAbilities

Company Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Type of Staffing: Allied and Social Work Name: Susan Westin               Job Title: Rehab Staffing Manager The 2015 ShiftWise Dependability Award Recipient The Dependability Award recognizes partners who have established a track record for providing the most dependable staff that satisfy their full employment. SW: Congrats on winning the 2015 ShiftWise Dependability Award! What were the…

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Supplier Spotlight: TotalMed Staffing, Inc.

Company Location: Appleton, WI Type of Staffing: Nursing & Allied Healthcare, Financial, Engineering, Healthcare Information Technology. Contract, Per Diem, Direct Hire. Name: Tyler Limpert Job Title: Business Development Executive SW: How often do you use ShiftWise? TotalMed: We use ShiftWise on a daily basis, to view open job requisitions in various regions. SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise? TotalMed: Prior to…

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Supplier Spotlight: Registry Network, Inc.

Company Location: Carlsbad, CA Type of Staffing: Per Diem and Travel for Nursing and Allied Name: Eric Frehe Job Title: Chief of Operations The 2015 ShiftWise Service Award Recipient The Service Award recognizes partners who have exhibited a talent for consistently filling openings for their clients at the highest level. SW: First off, congrats on winning the 2015 ShiftWise Service Award!…

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Supplier Spotlight: Elite Medical Staffing Group

Company Location: St. Louis, MO  Type of Staffing: Nursing and Allied Health  Name: Kristyn Picket  Job Title: Staffing Coordinator SW: How often do you use ShiftWise? Elite: Every day! SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise? Elite: Successful, but there were many staffing errors of pre-booked shifts. SW: Your fill rates have increased since you fully implemented ShiftWise,…

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The 2015 ShiftWise STAT Award

The STAT Award recognizes staffing partners who have shown a determined ability to swiftly respond to new orders with qualified candidates. 2015 STAT Recipients Nursing: The Nurse Source, LTD Allied: Professional Registry Network About the recipients The Nurse Source, LTD   The Nurse Source, Ltd. was established in 1989 as a professional placement company specializing exclusively in supplemental staffing of medical professionals. Since…

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