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Category: Workforce Optimization

ShiftWise Customer Case Study: University Hospitals

University Hospitals has relied on the ShiftWise service to streamline its contingent staffing process across its organization since 2004. The ShiftWise service automates UH’s entire process of working with outside staffing suppliers, with online scheduling, time keeping, reporting, secure payment processing, and error-free invoicing. View a PDF of the Case Study

Why User-Friendly Staffing Technology is So Meaningful to Your Staff

Efficiently managing your contingent, temporary, and full-time staff is vital to maintaining the quality of your healthcare facility. That’s why so many clinics and hospitals benefit from vendor management systems (VMS), which help to streamline operations with automated reports, consolidated invoices, and credential management. However, many healthcare facilities that implement vendor management systems fail to realize one crucial thing: User-friendly…

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5 Ways a VMS Helps You Manage Contingent Labor Smarter and Faster

The healthcare industry depends on contingent workers to fill shifts when main hospital staff is maxed out. Even though these contingent workers provide peace of mind, they can also be tricky to manage. In most instances, contingent workers are treated differently than full-time employees. They’re paid differently, receive different benefits, and are protected by different labor laws. As such, you…

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