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THA Wise Paper – Quality Maintained

When managers mention that they find lower quality in contingent workers compared to their regular staff, it is not necessarily a competency issue, but often a shortfall in how the temporary workers were onboarded. Health systems with a standard on boarding or orientation practice tend to ensure quality is better maintained. View PDF of Wise Paper  

ShiftWise THA Member Client Case Study

A Dallas, TX THA (Texas Hospital Association) member was having an array of dif culties with their contingent workforce. The 800+bed organization that provides care to over 1 million patients annually was struggling to efficiently manage multiple vendors and couldn’t successfully handle their orders in a timely matter and paying high fees to their vendors. View a PDF of the Case…

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Flying Blind on Contingent Labor? Here’s How You Get 20/20 Vision:

Healthcare executives are finding that the flexibility of contingent staffing is an advantage in budget planning in uncertain times. It also helps simplify healthcare management in an era when leaders find themselves overburdened with the complexities associated with properly and adequately staffing their businesses. The commonly-held belief that contingent staffing is more expensive than core staffing, no longer appears to…

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What a Vendor-Neutral Partner Can Do for Your Business

Staffing issues are a common problem among healthcare providers. Unfilled shifts and vacant positions present challenges in maintaining quality patient care that is not disrupted or compromised due to an organization being understaffed. The costs of leaving a shift unfilled, or deploying the wrong combination of internal, float pool, and supplemental staff, can add up quickly. The concerns that come…

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