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The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Talent Management

Seeking diverse people and including them on your team is a critical initiative for any company. But it’s actually part of a process that leads to the ultimate goal of equality. What Is Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Talent Management? Fill out the form below to download the White Paper.

Staying Ahead of Rising Costs of Quality Patient Care

For the past 15 years, driving revenue was the main concern of health system executives. But with a transforming healthcare landscape, costs are rising and patients are looking for affordable care. In turn, healthcare executives’ number-one concern has changed to lower the cost of quality patient care and improving staffing practices. Ready to learn why and how you can stay…

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ShiftWise Customer Case Study: Hospital Brings Efficiency to Interviewing and Hiring

The hospital was frequently unable to book the most qualified candidates from their agency partners. Department managers were having issues when it came to interviewing candidates in the recommended 24 – 48 hours. With limited time for both candidates and managers to take an interview call, the process was often delayed and the top quality candidate had taken another offer….

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Good Hire VS Bad Hire | The Long-Term Effects

The healthcare industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Desperate to fill open positions, hospitals, and wellness centers run the risk of hiring too quickly and bringing inexperienced personnel on board. The long-term effects of hiring a good vas bad employee can be shocking. Fill out the form below to download the infographic and see the comparison.  

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