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Author: Marketing

8 dirty, no good myths about healthcare VMS that need to die

Popular myths surround us. Did you know toilets flush the same direction no matter the hemisphere? Healthcare’s no stranger to a few myths of its own. Here are 8 dirty, no good myths about healthcare VMS that I hope we can all lay to rest. MYTH #1: There will be a vendor exodus! An egregious myth! Vendors want in on…

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Sure, more nurses equals better care… but what about the costs?

It’s not exactly earth-shattering that when a health facility adds more staff to care for a patient, the quality of that care goes up. There are a number of studies that make this very claim. One such report was released in late 2013 claiming that readmission rates shrink when more nurses are added. It’s compelling data, especially when you consider…

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Shiftlandia episode 9: "Game Day"

We always bring our A game! Check out the latest episode of Shiftlandia, and go inside ShiftWise with monthly episodes of our new office series!

Supplier Spotlight: Advantage RN

In the spotlight: Advantage RN ShiftWise User: Dee Kilfoyle Title: Regional Manager, Business Development Client length: 10 years ShiftWise user Dee Kilfoyle take us inside her job and tell us what it’s like using the vendor management software. SW: How often do you use ShiftWise? Dee: It’s part of my everyday morning routine. I wake up, come to work, and…

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8 Things you can save by using ShiftWise

Clients can save a lot with ShiftWise. There’s money, for one. That’s pretty important. Time’s a good one, too. And how about trees? No one wants to be labeled a tree killer. See all the ways you can save when using ShiftWise. Click the infographic to enlarge. Request a short and quick, 15 minute demo to see how your healthcare…

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