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Author: Marketing

Transformation of healthcare Q & A

ShiftWise’s Jeff Niles was recently a featured panel speaker at an AHA Member Initiative entitled “RoundTable for HR Professionals: The Transformation of Health Care”. The joint event with the AHA and ASHHRA’s local chapter in Indianapolis (ISHHRA) featured a roundtable discussion with local healthcare HR executives and leaders. We recently sat down with Jeff to get his insight from this…

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Is your technology handcuffing your MSP?

You’re an experienced staffing professional, right?  You’ve progressed to the step of selling a popular and impactful healthcare staffing solution, the vaunted MSP. You step into the presentation, confident in your organization’s experienced and proven core competencies… you know, providing qualified staff, exceeding fill ratio, onsite management, compliance, experience, reputation and — technology? Wait — how confident are you in…

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Envision a world with "No Open Shifts"

Making the move from volume to value-based care is hard. That’s why ShiftWise is committed to being a partner for change in the contingent staffing space, helping you solve one piece of a massive healthcare puzzle. Part of being this partner for change  means educating healthcare professionals on how to transition to better contingent staffing practices. As such, we’ve opened…

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"I needed them yesterday" is not a phrase for modern staffing coordinators

There are three phrases that every staffing coordinator learns on day one of the job to communicate with their supplier and staff pools: “I have a need,” “When can you start?” and “I needed them yesterday.” Fill rates and time-to-fill ratios are the concern of every healthcare staffing department because they have such a direct impact on patient outcomes that…

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