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ShiftWise OHA Customer Case Study: University Hospitals

University Hospitals has relied on the ShiftWise service to streamline its contingent staffing process across its organization since 2004. The ShiftWise service automates UH’s entire process of working with outside staffing suppliers, with online scheduling, time keeping, reporting, secure payment processing, and error-free invoicing. View a PDF of the Case Study

How to Use Contingent Resources to Find Permanent Staff

More than 2 million people work as contingent employees in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hiring contingent workers has proven to be a smart and cost-effective way for many businesses and employers across the United States to meet the growing demand for a highly trained, certified, and skilled workforce that is capable and flexible….

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Are All Your Facilities Under the Same Contingent Labor Program? They Should Be!

A managed services program (MSP) handles the complex daily staffing operations for healthcare providers who focus on providing the best patient care experience and outcomes. Without an MSP, healthcare organizations face constant challenges when filling temporary staffing needs. First, they must aggregate and prioritize demand in their facilities. Second, they must recruit and manage numerous staffing vendors — all with…

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3 Reasons Rogue Staff Are Hurting You

A vendor management system (VMS) guarantees the quality of your contingent labor. It is an application that acts as a mechanism for businesses to manage and procure staffing services. A VMS can facilitate the recruitment process, track candidates, consolidate billing, and help make significant enhancements in reporting. If staff members are not using your VMS, they may have a deleterious…

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ShiftWise Customer Case Study: Baton Rouge General

The manual “paper and pen” process used to manage supplemental staffing created inefficiencies that led to cost overruns and employee dissatisfaction. The medical center concluded the manual system was not sustainable. View the PDF of the Case Study

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